William Inge's Picnic

By William Inge  
April 19 - April 22, 2012

The Story

The play takes place on Labor day Weekend in the joint backyards of two middle-aged widows.  The one house belongs to Flo Owens, who lives there with her two maturing daughters, Madge and Millie, and a boarder who is a spinster school teacher.  The other house belongs to Helen Potts, who lives with her elderly and invalid mother.  Into this female atmosphere comes a young man named Hal Carter, whose animal vitality seriously upsets the entire group.  Hal is a most interesting character, a child of parents who ignored him, self-conscious of his failings and his position behind the eight ball.  Flo is sensitively wary of temptations for her daughters.  Madge, bored with being only a beauty, sacrifices her chances for a wealthy marriage for the excitement Hal promises.  Her sister, Millie, finds her balance for the first time through the stranger's brief attention.  And the spinster is stirred to make an issue out of the dangling courtship that has brightened her life in a dreary, minor way.


Company was presented in the Mandell Theater at the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center.



Cast:  (alphabetical order)

               Singer:                      Jennifer Rodrigues 

               Helen Potts:              Noel Miner

               Hal Carter:                Josh Wise

               Millie Owens:            Lina Ortiz

               Madge Owens:         Tiana Akers

                                                Maggie Langlais

               Flo Owens:               Angel Allnen

               Rosemary Sydney:   Alexis Riley

               Alan Seymour:         Joshua Lamboy

               Howard Bevans:       Jason Nettle


                Director:                        Nicholas Murphy
                Assistant Director:         RK Barringhaus
                                                      Carinita Quintero
                Musical Director:           Tina Stefano-Phillips 
                Musical Arranger:          P. "Taz" Bartlett
                Stage Manager:             Karlyn Muzik
                Scenic Designer:           Tori Oakes 
                Lighting Designer:         Katie Foisy

                Costume Designer:       Joanie Ming

                Properties Designer:     Cheryl Murphy

                Sound Designer:           Adam Smith
                Makeup/Hair Design:     Karlyn Muzik
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